Canoeing and birdwatching

The Guvore River is approx 25 km from Vilanculos. You will be taken by car to the base camp.

Your Guide
Jonathan Retzlaff is Zimbabwean born, he grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe. When he left school he trained as a professional safari guide. Before starting his own safari business he worked at Gorongoza National Park as a guide training Mozambican rangers. He has also worked with National Georgraphic and the BBC on many of their documentaries. Jonathan is at his happiest showing his clients the wonders of the nature.

The Guvoro River Canoe Trip
The Guvoro river is a 25 minute drive from Vilanculos going south. You are picked up at your hotel at about 7.30 am. You arrive at base camp and your canoes are waiting. Each canoe can take three people. You glide through giant lilies dipping your paddle through grassy reeds. Jonathan will show you a wonderland of interesting birds, mammals and the most amazing coloured reed frogs. Sometimes you might spot the minature crocodiles that inhabit the river. You then have a break and the canoes rest on the banks of the river. You will be offered a refreshment and a snack. Relax and inhale the peacefullness of this extremely beautiful place. You then paddle back and should be in Vilanculos in time for lunch.
Canoeing This is a wonderful activity for the whole family. Serious birders and nature lovers will also love this canoe trip. If you have your binoculars bring them with you. Remember your sun screen and please wear sun hats.

Price 50 USD per person

Review –Carol Johnson,Harare,

My friend Morna and I spent a morning canoeing with Jonathan. His knowledge of the bush is impressive. It was relaxing and such fun. I would highly recommend this activity.

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